Campaign Commander - Wargame campaign manager

So most of us wargamers like the campaign idea. That is, instead of having one-off battles, wouldn't it be more fun to have the outcome of these battles mean something - have some kind of reward for victory or consequence for defeat that would affect subsequent games. Most of us have played in one of these before. Sometimes, a map is used to show the locations of the players armies, and a rule set is used to create a strategic game, with the individual battles being played out using whichever tabletop wargame is preferred.
Lots of fun, and generally a better way to keep people interested in the game.
Unfortunately, they can be a pain to manage. Most often it's one person that's running the show, ensuring that every player's actions are carried out in accordance with the rules, keeping track of various things for each player, etc. Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to help alleviate the burden, encourage campaign play, and leverage mobile technologies for maximum convenience? (The answer is yes).