New Blog feature coming: Douchebags Riding Buses

I'm going to start a regular feature here on my site, tentatively titled Douchebags Riding Buses. I ride the bus to and from work each weekday, and wow, I'm shocked at the lack of consideration of bus riders. The route I take is particularly busy, as it's a route heavily traveled by both Queen's and St. Lawrence college students. Most of the time, it fills up to standing room only. At this point, all the seats are taken and people are forced to stand. There are some unspoken rules of etiquette here, that really come down to basic consideration:

  • When seats dwindle, you can't monopolize two seats.
  • If someone more deserving than you is forced to stand, you should give up your seat so they can sit.

Those are some pretty basic rules. They second one, in particular, needs some clarification. When I say "someone more deserving than you", I mean someone above you in the Seat Hierarchy (As imagined by me, but it's pretty straightforward). Here's the hierarchy:

People with disabilities
Elderly people (If their hair's grey, they're elderly.)
People with young children
Very pregnant women (They've got the waddle going)
Adults with an obvious hardship (Sick, limping, carrying heavy load, or looks completely miserable. This is totally, subjective, I know)
Young Adults/Students/Teens

If other seating is unavailable, you should give up your seat to someone higher up the hierarchy than you. This is a generalization, I know, I know. I'm trying to write down the unwritten.

So, riding the bus every day, I get plenty of time to observe people and how they treat each other on the bus. And sadly, it's a horrifying display. I watch elderly folks walk past row upon row of younger able-bodied people, who do nothing. Those who steadfastly refuse to give up their seat to someone who would clearly be in more discomfort than they would be, are douchebags. There's no getting around it. It's a basic lack of empathy and consideration. And it's INFURIATING to watch.

Therefore, I have started taking photos of these people, and I'll feature them and their transgressions here, and award them the loathsome title of Douchebag.