Welcome to my website. This is my home on the web; You'll find a random assortment of things I find interesting or valuable here. Mostly, it's just a sandbox for practicing web design and development.

New Blog feature coming: Douchebags Riding Buses

I'm going to start a regular feature here on my site, tentatively titled Douchebags Riding Buses. I ride the bus to and from work each weekday, and wow, I'm shocked at the lack of consideration of bus riders. The route I take is particularly busy, as it's a route heavily traveled by both Queen's and St. Lawrence college students. Most of the time, it fills up to standing room only. At this point, all the seats are taken and people are forced to stand. There are some unspoken rules of etiquette here, that really come down to basic consideration:

City of Kingston Website

Recently, the City of Kingston completely overhauled its public website. The layout and technology behind the City's site had been basically unchanged for upwards of 8 years - eons in technology terms! I was fortunate enough to be a part of the project from its early days through to launch and beyond. This was my first experience building a professional website, and I learned many valuable lessons.


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